//SFest 2021

Mark your calendars and get your cars ready, for //SFest 2019 on August 25th!

2021 Event Change

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Due to obvious reasons SFest 2020 was postponed and we’re happy to be able to revive the event for 2021!  //SFest is an ever changing event and this year is no different! SFest this year will be split into two parts which will involve coffee and beer… sounds great right?

There will not be an admission fee this year however we will be taking donations to help cover the bathroom and coffee expenses.

Part one of //SFest 2021 will take place at Coventry Motorcar from 9am to 12pm as a Cars and Coffee event.  Unfortunately due to the shortened event the dyno that was manned by Marc from EFI Express will not be on site this year (Marc can finally enjoy the event).

We’re really happy to have partnered up with Labyrinth Brewing Company in neighboring Manchester which is only a short 10 mile drive. At Noon we’ll be caravanning over from Coventry Motorcar and can spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying some refreshments.

About //SFest

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//SFest isn’t your typical car show or meet, it’s much much more! It’s all about the meeting old friends and talking shop and what brings us all together is the love and passion of european vehicles. //SFest started it’s humble roots in PK’s back yard focused on the urS cars and slowly grew into an event that was so large for his house. Eventually the event was hosted at Coventry Motorcar due to it’s size and now //SFest also encompasses all european cars. All Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW’s are welcome!